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1. Is keloid treatable?

yes it is treatable most of the time partially. The height and colour of keloid with its itching can be reduced significantly. Many doctors think that keloid has no treatment . The scar of keloid may remain at skin level.

2. What treatments are available for keloid?

There are mainly three modalities of treatment for keloid.

a. Intralesional injections of locally acting steroid. 5 -6 such injections are required to settle the keloid with local massage. This can be supported by silicon gel and pressure garments.

b. Operative intervention . Skin stretch is main cause of keloid formation. It is advisable to replace skin after excision of keloid. This can be done by full thickness skin grafting or flap surgery. Only intralesional excision of keloid is also very helpful to reduce size of keloid.

Keloids are best prevented than treated. Plastic surgeons have deep knowledge of this pathology. Dr Ashutosh Shah has treated hundreds of such cases of difficult keloids with success. He is keen to make patients free from sufferings of keloids.




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