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Faq-Non Surgical Cosmetic

Question:What is Botox Cosmetic?

Answer:Botox Cosmetic treatments are a popular way to treat facial wrinkles and improve the appearance of worry lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines. Botox Cosmetic represents a natural, non-surgical way to treat the aging face. Botox Cosmetic is a paralyzing agent that is effective in treating the signs of aging that are caused by the contraction of specific facial muscles.

Question:Are any risks involved?

Answer:During Botox Cosmetic injections at our practice near Johnstown and Pittsburgh, you may feel slight discomfort. Your skin may feel tight and some swelling may occur. Minimal and temporary side effects most commonly include bruising at the injection site.

Question:What happens during Botox Cosmetic treatments?

Answer:Botox Cosmetic treatments consist of a series of injections, which take about 10 minutes each. The Botox Cosmetic injection agent temporarily paralyzes the muscle underlying your troublesome creases, so it cannot contract and cause wrinkling.

Question:Who is a good candidate for Botox Cosmetic treatments?

Answer:Those of nearly any age who are healthy and seek to erase signs of aging are excellent candidates for Botox Cosmetic injections. Our center draws patients from throughout the Johnstown and the greater Pittsburgh area.


Answer:In the past decade, the real benefits of laser technology has come to fruition for many previously untreatable problems. The explosion in laser technology and the use of certain laser wavelengths for specific problems has revolutionized many plastic surgical procedures. Today, the laser offers great benefits for port wine stains (facial purple marks), telangectasias (facial and leg spider veins), brown spots (age spots and light brown birth marks), facial line and wrinkle reduction, certain skin growths (e.g., papillomas, actinic keratoses), tattoo removal as well as hair reduction.

Question: what Procedure of is Laser Surgery?

Answer:All laser procedures are performed as an outpatient in either an office or surgery center setting. The majority of laser treatments can be done under topical anesthesia. Some deeper laser resurfacing may require supplemental oral sedation. Those laser resurfacing procedure done with facelifts are performed during the surgery under a general anesthetic.

Question: How much cost aboutLASER SURGERY – COSTS

• Laser micro-peeling (erbium) $400 – $1,500
• Laser resurfacing (deep) $2000 – $4,000
• BBL (brown spots) $250 – $800
• Vascular $400 and up
• Skin Tyte $400 per treatment (a series of treatments is needed.

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