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Faq-Post Cancer Reconstruction

Question: Is it true that recovery from breast reconstruction is painful?

Answer:Prescription medication, when taken on schedule, helps most patients effectively manage their discomfort. Breast reconstruction is somewhat more invasive than other surgeries; therefore you can expect to feel discomfort for several days or even a few weeks after your procedure. Depending on many factors, you might be offered an internal pain pump. Dr. Beckenstein will discuss pain management during your comprehensive consultation.

Question: Can my nipple and areola be replaced after reconstruction?

Answer:Yes. For most women, reconstructing a nipple involves a second surgery to recreate the small projection of the nipple with some of the surrounding tissue. The areola is usually recreated by tattooing the skin around the nipple at a subsequent appointment after the new nipple has healed.

Question: What are the benefits of autologous tissue reconstruction over using an implant?

Answer:Patients who’ve chosen autologous tissue reconstruction (such as the TRAM flap technique) often say their new breast feels very natural because it is composed of their own living skin and tissue. This technique does, however, involve more scars and a more involved recovery than the implant option.

Question: Do I have to have breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy
or can I wait?

Answer:Women who visit us in Birminghham can choose to have breast reconstruction performed either at the time of the mastectomy (immediate reconstruction) or sometime afterwards (delayed reconstruction). Many women choose immediate reconstruction so they don’t have to see themselves without a breast at all.

Question: How much will breast reconstruction surgery cost?

Answer:Breast reconstruction costs can vary widely. A surgeon’s cost for breast reconstruction may vary based on his or her experience as well as geographic location.Many plastic surgeons offer patient financing plans for breast reconstruction surgery, so be sure to ask.

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