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i am 19 yrs age.for last 4 years i had breast like chest.due to that i lost confidence and was not able to change dress in boys room. even i was avoiding swimming ,my hobby, for this reason. then one fine day i consulted dr ashutosh shah, and he has changed my life. he has done liposuction and scarless gynecomastia surgery on me. this has changed my life drastically. now i can go gym and i have attractive physique with help of this surgery. i advise all my friends to consult dr ashutosh for any kind of cosmetic surgery..—virat.

It was a very horrible morning for our family when it was noticed that my one year niece has hand in walker machine. It led to departure friction burns on hand. Whole skin of palm got burns. Somebody suggested us to take opinion of Dr ashutosh. He has removed all dead skin and done skin grafting. Now her hand is totally normally functioning. May God enhance healing touch of Dr ashutosh Shah.—saifuddin mali.

I had vehicular accident and severe facial wounds. I thought my face is finished and it will be difficult to go out in society. I had multiple fractures of both jaws and multiple lacerations near eye and upper lip. I was referred to Dr ashutosh Shah. His hands on my face created magic.i live normal life with presentable face. I got married after this incident. the beautiful thing about it is my accident has not affected the chances of getting my choice for my better half . Thanks to Dr ashutosh Shah for giving me new face and second life. —-saifuddin mali.dhaval

My hand was injured in machine while on work. It was totally cut off from my body. I was very scared and in depression after thinking about the future without hand. One of the nearest factory worker informed that one Dr in surat named Dr ashutosh Shah can rejoin your hand as he has done the same for one of his colleagues. I was immediately transferred from damage factory to Dr ashutosh Shah’s hospital in surat. He was ready with his team. He did seven hours long successful operation on me. I have my hand back on my body with near normal function.for me he is next to God on this earth.During my hospital stay offive days he has saved fingers of two men and leg of one young boy. I suggest that all companies must have number of Dr ashutosh Shah for emergencies. —- vinay kumar

I am a college student, I had accident and truck wheel ran over my lower leg and foot. Two doctors suggested amputation below knee level. When I reached Dr ashutosh Shah, he was the person who gave me the confidence to save my leg and foot.he repaired the blood vessels in first stage. In later 4 operation he has covered my wounds. Now I am a confident man who can run, swim and run a bike. He is very kind and care taking.he has large series of case like me.i am grateful to Dr ashutosh Shah for his share in my life. —-karan

I am 31 yr old engineer had developed cancer of my inner cheek skin, oncosurgeon informed me that my lower jaw has to be removed for cancer clearance. It was difficult to digest and thought of life without jaw scared me . but then doctor introduced me to Dr ashutosh Shah. He is the one who is going to make my jaw again using leg bone with microvascular surgery. My operation was a great success. Now for last two years I am free of cancer. not only that due to efforts of Dr ashutosh Shah, I have normal look, normal speech, normal diet and above of all quality social life. I am very impressed by his work and thank him for giving me second beautiful life.—– sandip

I am 20 year now. In childhood due to some infection my cheek had one rupee size scar. my friend suggested name of Dr ashutosh Shah in surat.when I met he scientifically explained me the details of operation and results. My operation was done by him under local anesthesia. Now the improvement amazes everyone knowing me . previously i was ignored for by many boys but after surgery I got life partner better than all of them.i am thankful to Dr ashutosh Shah for the scar revision procedure and wonderful result that changed my life. —- karisma patel

I am 40 yr old housewife.i had very large was very difficult to find clothes for me .I can not wear western type clothes. My husband had reduced interest in me.i had shoulder pain also due to heavy breasts. I heard Dr ashutosh Shah name from website and met him.he releaved my heaviness of breasts. . My life changed drastically.he was very good in consultation and surgery. My postoperative period was totally uneventful.Now I am very happy.i am thankful to Dr ashutosh Shah ……mrs mankaur singh

i lost my hair at age of 31 and lost confidence in life. dr ashutosh has given me natural looking hair with his hair transplant treament. this has changed my looks to 10 years younger me. it has given me immense confidence in my work and social interaction. his charges are affordable also. thanks to dr ashutosh. Sonu

i was about 120kgs. i was operated for bariatric surgery. post bariatric weight loss, i had so much hanging skin all around my body. dr ashutosh shah has done liposuction,skin tightening and lift procedures to give good counters to my body. now i can move around even in western dresses with confidence.i am really thankful to dr ashutosh. Sonali

I was stressed when I noticed that my child has cleft lip from birth. It was realldifficult to accept this condition. Then I heard name of Dr ashutosh Shah. He operated my child at early age of three months. now it has healed so nicely that even nobody can notice it.we are really thankful to Dr ashutosh Shah for his treatment Jitubhai patel.

Excellent result ... great job .... great service and care by all your staff ... personal attention from youself Sir ... A big thanks for always answering calls and solving any related query... Hope become a great surgeon like you one day Harshal

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